“When it comes to building aluminium boats, Australians and Kiwis are undoubtedly the best in the world. For the last 50 years or more, the ubiquitous tinnie has been synonymous with Aussie fishing, but things have come a long, long way since the day of Dad’s car topper dinghy. In the last few years, plate boats for fishermen have grown in size and sophistication, and the advent of computer-aided design technology has seen dramatic leaps forward in hull efficiencies. The latest hulls are sleek, elegant and fast, yet solid, reliable and robust too.

Darren Brand of BBBmarine builds beautiful fishing boats which are truly custom made and can be supplied as anything from a hull to a fully-finished machine. He is a man with an impeccable pedigree as a welder having spent well over 20 years in the oil and coal industries, where precision and reliability are everything. Combining his extensive skills with a life long love of fishing and boating, it was a natural progression for him to start production of a small but stunningly good looking line of boats. Not everybody is prepared for the process of putting a true custom build together, but if you are in the market for something special and want to have a boat where you are involved in every stage of the construction from concept to completion, I’d recommend that you give Darren a call.”

BBBmarine have several hulls that have been specifically designed as fully customised production vessels, utilising the base hull they can be configured to suit most desires. Fit-out is pure choice, you decide to what extent and budget you require. These first hulls have been designed by Alan Walker of Coastdesign, NZ and fulfil the concept of pure offshore Sportfishing vessels that are adept to all water sports.

The ‘Oceansport’ 480/500 is the baby of the fleet, it is well suited to running the close islands and reefs offshore or will prove to be an exceptional big river sportfisher. With a beam of 2m and a 16 degree deadrise it will handle the chop with ease yet be a stable platform for casting off the forward raised deck chasing all manner of fish species. Rated to 100HP. Available as a Custom Console, either side or centre.

The ‘Oceansport’ 550 is a big small boat, a sistership to the 620 it will suit all the family water activities, big enough to run offshore for the dedicated fisherman or around the lakes and rivers with the family. A self-draining deck into a rear bilge helps the vessel keep a lower profile; which benefits windage both on the water and behind the car.

Available in a Custom Console or Centre-Cab/Walkaround.

The ‘Oceansport’ 620 is proving to be an exceptional 21 footer and is well suited to the offshore fisherman. Rated to 200HP it can cruise comfortably in the high 20 knot range and peak out at over 40 knots. The hybrid Centre-Cab/Walkaround is proving very popular, still offering a twin vee berth and safe 360 degree access around the recessed walk way. The 620 and below run 5mm hull plates and 4mm sides.

Available as a Custom Console, Hardtop and Centre-Cab.

The ‘Oceansport’ 700 is going to be the hardcore hull for the serious bluewater fisherman, at 23 feet you get enough vessel to be stepping across the waves to iron out the best ride. The plate sizes are beefed up to a 6mm bottom and 5mm sides, both the 7m hulls have true self-draining decks. Twin motors are an option or big single, Rated to 250HP.

Available as a Custom Console, Hardtop or Centre-Cab in either Cuddy or Hardtop styles.

The ‘Oceansport” 760 is 25 feet of pure adrenalin, this will prove to be a benchmark hull on the Australian market. Initially built as a Hardtop, this is a genuine Offshore Sportfisher aimed at those who fish the Shelf or Hardline and offer comfort for extended cruising. Rated to 400HP it will take a pair of V6’s or the highest HP big single. Max beam of 2.65m. A great option for a sterndrive, especially one of the new diesels.

Available in a Custom Console, Hardtop or Centre-Cab in either Cuddy or Hardtop styles.

The ‘Oceansport’ 920 is still a pipedream for the not too distant future and aims to provide the ultimate maxi-trailer vessel available. At 30 feet it will be an absolute weapon, with a 3m beam there is just too much vessel to comprehend!!


These are no compromise machines: Strength, Style and Service are paramount with the design of the vessels. Handling and sea keeping attributes are second to none in achieving the desired aspects on water. The hulls run clean lines with no strakes or ballast systems but run a full chine to provide good lift and stability. This also provides a dry hull with safe, predictable handling. In essence, a well engineered, and a well designed vessel.

‘The boats just do what they are supposed to do and do it bloody well.’

Hulls comprise of a full depth girder and transverse frame matrix, which is the ultimate in strength, this also keeps weight in the vessel enhancing offshore performance. Combine this with a fine entry to cut through the chop, moderate power efficiencies to achieve economy; you come away with an enhanced vessel with wide appeal.

Our dollars and leisure-time are becoming harder to come by, and throw in the weather, we are limited to our time on the water. Pushing further offshore to catch a good feed means we need the best we can afford, this is what BBBmarine strives for. We are not a mass production builder and wish to cater to YOU!

A vessel from BBBmarine is both an investment in your safety and leisure.


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